Frequently Asked Questions

About the Company

Alligat0r is a platform that partners with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to help users choose the most convenient option on the market for every swap. It eliminates the need to look for the best website to buy cryptocurrency or sell it.

We support 280+ cryptocurrencies, tokens, altcoins.

Every swap is easy with Alligat0r’s exchange widget. You provide the coin to sell and indicate the amount. After that, choose the coin to buy. Alligat0r will compare deals on all the featured exchanges and arrange the deals in a list. You click on the deal you want to proceed with, make the needed deposit, and the aggregator will complete the swap. The funds will be credited to your wallet.

Alligat0r works with well-established and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform compares the deals available on multiple exchanges and picks the best offers for you.

  • Alligat0r doesn’t store your funds, they are protected by your own wallet
  • We don’t have access to your private keys and personal data
  • The exchange process is fully automated
  • The platform has an SSL certificate to prevent the interception of information you are sending online.
  • The Alligat0r service is protected from DDoS attacks.
  • Cutting-edge security protocols are used to ensure the platform’s safety.
Yes, all the transactions are anonymous. You don`t have to provide any personal information to swap your coins.
Alligat0r doesn`t charge fees for its service. You only need to pay cryptocurrency network fees and a commission that might be charged by third-party exchange platforms of your choice.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. There is a possibility that the exchange rate might change during a transaction.

If you want to ensure a fixed exchange rate for your transaction, choose a fixed rate option. Then, Alligat0r will only display the deals that are offered at a fixed exchange rate. In such a case, your coins will be swapped at the exchange rate that was valid at the time when you started the transaction.

The only way to cancel a transaction is to interrupt the process at any stage before making a deposit. Once the deal is chosen and a deposit is made, the transaction cannot be canceled. Once registered on the blockchain, the transaction becomes irreversible.

Most transactions are completed within a couple of minutes. Only for some transactions, more time is required (for example, a Bitcoin transaction might take around 20 minutes to be completed).

The main reason why a transaction can be delayed for more time is blockchain congestion. When the blockchain is overloaded, the transaction processing time increases. Alligat0r doesn`t influence the speed of transaction processing on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t stable. In a case of an error, we can either return your money or push the transaction to be processed. To do so, you will need to providea hash of your deposit transaction.

The confusion between ETH and ETC is one of the reasons why a transaction might be delayed. Ethereum Classic and Ethereum use the same infrastructure. Always double-check whether you are sending ETC or ETH. If you make a mistake, the transaction will not be processed.

If you have checked everything, and there is no error from your side, but the transaction is still not processed, contact our customer support.

Unfortunately, all the transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. If you have sent funds to the wrong address, there is no way to recover them.
Every transaction involves a sender and a recipient. Your sender wallet address is the address of the wallet from which you send your coins. Your recipient wallet address is the address to which you receive coins. Alligat0r’s deposit address is the address of the wallet to which you send your coins in order to exchange them.
To get a wallet address, check what coin you want to buy and choose a stable wallet that supports the coin. Most coins have an official wallet client. Every wallet has a unique tag or a private key that gives you access to the funds stored in a wallet. Keep that private key in a safe place and never share it with anyone.
The recipient wallet address is the wallet address to which you want to receive your swapped coins. For example, if you want to swap Bitcoin to Ethereum, the recipient wallet address is your Ethereum wallet address to which you want to receive the funds.
Exchange process
You can swap coins in 4 simple steps:
  • Choose the cryptocurrency pair

    Choose from 280+ coins and tokens. Select the coins you would like to exchange from the drop-down menus. Type the amount you want to swap.

  • Choose the best offer

    Compare offers from multiple exchange platforms. Use filters and sorting to select exactly what you need.

  • Provide the details

    Choose fixed or floating rates if available, enter your receiving address and proceed to exchange.

  • Send the deposit and get the coins

    Use the QR code or copy the destination address and send the exact exchange amount to it. Wait a bit for your swap to be processed and get your new coins delivered to your wallet.

Yes, the entire process takes place in real time. To ensure that the rate doesn’t change during the exchange process, you can choose the fixed rate option.

If you have made the deposit, nothing will happen if you close your browser or the internet connection is lost. Alligat0r will proceed with the swap until the coins are sent to your wallet. Just keep your transaction ID until the swap is completed and contact our customer support if there are delays.

If you haven`t made the deposit, you might need to proceed with a new transaction. If you took too long before requesting a new swap, the exchange conditions(e.g. exchange rate) might change.

Alligat0r doesn’t set exchange limits. You can exchange as many coins as you want. Yet, there are some details to consider. Some exchanges might set upper limits. Alligat0r doesn`t influence the limits set by cryptocurrency exchanges.

If the transaction amount is very low, check whether it covers the transaction fees (fees taken by a blockchain to process a transaction). If the amount is too low, the blockchain will not process the transaction. You will get a message notifying you that the amount is not enough to cover the network fees, please don`t ignore it. Otherwise, your funds might get lost.

Every cryptocurrency runs on a blockchain. The blockchain applies fees to process your transaction. The fees charged by the blockchain to process a transaction are called network fees.
Alligat0r processes the majority of transactions within a couple of minutes. However, the processing time depends on the transaction size and the blockchain load. Big transactions (1 BTC and more) might take as long as 30 minutes to be processed. When the blockchain is overloaded, this time might extend. If you see that it’s taking too long to process your transaction, contact our customer support to make sure there are no internal errors.
Destination tags, memos and messages
A destination tag is an additional combination of characters that is used along with a wallet address to identify the final recipient. For instance, destination tags are used in some Ripple wallets. When you buy Ripple, check attentively whether a destination tag is required. When you send Ripple, do the same: check whether the destination tag is provided and if yes, indicate it in addition to the wallet address.

A memo is an additional string of letters and digits that is used to assign a specific coin to a certain wallet user. For example, memos are used in EOS wallets.

When you send coins, make sure you indicate the memo where it is required. In a wallet, a memo is indicated in a special field.

A message is an additional string of characters that is used to assign a specific coin to a certain wallet user. For instance, a message is used for XEM transactions. If a message is required, it is indicated in your wallet and looks like this:
KYC (Know Your Client) is one of the main requirements for financial institutions. It involves some measures (they might change from one service to another) that help to make sure that the customer is actually the one who they say they are. Within the procedure, a customer registers an account and verifies it. The verification process involves submitting sensitive personal and financial information such as ID scans, proof of income, residence, and many more documents. By verifying the identity of a customer, a company also puts the client`s sensitive information at risk.
Your safety and the security of your private information are our priority. To provide instant anonymous cryptocurrency swaps and eliminate any risk or information interception, we do not require to pass any KYC procedures

AML stands for Anti-Money Laundering. AML includes a set of procedures and legal requirements to prevent profit from illegal financial activities. Along with KYC, it includes the verification of the documentation provided by a customer against official databases that highlight persons with sanctions against them and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). It helps financial institutions to understand and prevent the risks of being involved in a financial crime.

For a client, it means the risk connected with exposing sensitive information online. Needless to mention that in such a case, we cannot speak about the anonymity of transactions.

On our platform, we have rejected the idea of collecting any information of personal or financial character from our clients. Here, you can perform transactions anonymously and without wasting time on time-demanding AML procedures.